Monday, August 1, 2011

w/mo2h #3: no-poo, four months later

So, I started this No-Poo experiement in March, and I've got this penultimate report...

Everyone's skin/hair chemistry is a little bit different... oily, dry, etc. So I figured out that my flakiness could be combated with the ACV on the scalp rather than the BS. So I switched it up... ACV on the scalp for a minute, with scrubbing part of the time. Then rinse. Then do the longer portion of my hair with some of the BS massaged in (it's slimy, so it helps condition too!). Rinse and complete!

I have far less flakes, although I'm normally a little flakey. I'm trying to vary the length of time, amount of scrubbing, and the proportion of ACV to water to see if I can reduce them even more. But otherwise, I'm happy with the results and sticking with it! No chemicals for me, yay!

What's become a habit in your life that seemed so far-fetched at first?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl