Thursday, December 1, 2011

tails of the turducken

Well, my family successfully survived two years of deep-fried turkey during my two years of hosting, so my father decided we would be ambitious and try making a Turducken for my parent's turn at hosting this year.

Ahh, yes, layer upon layer of MEAT. Yum!

My brother and I were set to task with boning the duck and chicken, respectively. Our first hurdle was the realization that my father didn't actually own three boning knives, nor three knives capable of proper boning.

Of course, I also broke a knife in the process, which didn't help.

So, we set to boning the birds...

Me with the chicken... before
Me with the chicken... after

Able-Bodied Brother with the duck...
and Able-Bodied Father with the turkey.

So, after that, we had the serious business of bringing them all together. Some instructions say to add stuffing between layers, but we opted not to. After much wrestling and squishing and tying and wrapping, we finally got all the parts into each other...

My dad roasted it at 300 for most of the day, with the extra wings on top, and it turned out lovely and not at all dried out! Show that beautiful meat footage!

Overall, the taste wasn't bad, but everything kinda got washed out in a "poultry" taste. And really, who focuses on the taste of the meat at Thanksgiving, when there is an awesome spread of dressings and gravies and sides and cranberry sauce and PIES!

I will leave you with Alton Brown's favorite friend...

How was your Thanksgiving? Eat any incredible foods? Eat too much? Did you try to be good?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl