an able-bodied clean hippie

I have recently been called a hippie (affectionately, a "dirty hippie") until a co-worker pointed out that I'm not rather dirty... 
This blog isn't about going green or sustainability or reducing your carbon footprint or environmentalism or being healthy. It tries not to convince you that your way of thinking is wrong. It doesn't do giveaways and monthly themes to get you motivated to live a certain lifestyle. It's about learning how to be the person you want to be, bravely facing the hard choices life confronts you with, and feeling comfortable with the ups and downs of it all.
That being said, this is my vision-list of how to be my own brand of clean hippie. The choices I can make (and sometimes do, in purple) and the choices I want to make and the options that won't seem so daunting down the road.
a work in progress.... comment with suggestions!

Household Purchases
non-toxic carpets
sustainably-forested wood furniture/floors/cabinets
non-toxic/organic mattress
baking soda/vinegar cleaning practices
reusable re-purposed cleaning tools (rags, brushes, etc)
less disposables
less plastic

In the Backyard
gardening vegetables, fruits, herbs and other edibles organically
non-toxic lawn care
raising chickens, rabbits, goats and other smaller farm animals for eggs, meat, milk, etc
using permaculture and co-growing techniques to maximize space and optimum growth/pest control
compost as much waste as possible

Energy Reduction at Home
using a thermostat to change the temperature based on our at-home needs
keeping the temp cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer
energy-efficient windows and appliances
turning off energy vampires
replacing lightbulbs with CFLs

Eating Habits
eat local foods
eat organic foods
reduce the amount of pre-processed foods and foods with preservatives
purchase locally/organically-raised meats
reduce food purchases to the least common denominator (ie, don't buy it if you can make/grow it)
process enough food during the growing season to eat during the off-season

Personal Appearance & Hygiene
Non-toxic haircare, No-Poo or otherwise
organic cotton clothing
home-made clothing
locally-made jewelry & accessories

Carbon Footprint Outside the Home
use public transportation

Economic/Community Sustainability
support local small businesses
support local non-profit organizations
get to know the neighbors
barter for goods and services


  1. If you haven't seen this, you need to.

    Our company's green program uses TerraCycle and reading through, I thought of your endeavors. Whether at work or at home, you might want to look into them.

  2. That is totally awesome! Will look into it more, and post on it if I get further into it :)