Monday, November 7, 2011

novemb-a-what/personal hygi-nx

Holy crap, it's the holiday season.

I'm starting to feel uber-guilty about not accomplishing more clean-hippie goals for the year. But, there's always next year :)

I'm getting near the end of my Costco pack of Dove bar soap, and each of my deodorants (am I the only one who has three open at any given time, in three different locations?). So I'm starting to consider the replacements.

At some point, I had found a really interested deodorant paste recipe. Of course, I can't find it now. And I used to use a liquid baking soda mixture, which I gave up. But I found a nice little summary post at the Green Phone Booth about several recipes, and I'm intrigued by Jenn's all-powder mix. I always have all of the ingredients at home (hmmm... I assume my BS is aluminum-free...), which is the biggest bonus of all. First-run testing to come soon (can't say for sure until it makes it through summer :-P)!

As for soap, there are so many out there that say they are "natural" that I really feel I need to do more research. Everyone keeps recommending Lush, but I'm not really a heavily-scented-soap person and the main thing I hear is "it smells so good!". And they are just so damned expensive!

Hair, I'm still working on. I tried one solution, which was highly amusing and deserves a post of it's own (and only worked somewhat). I'm testing another and will update shortly.

Household cleaning products haven't come up again recently, mostly because we haven't been keeping up with cleaning :-P  However, our post-holiday winter project involves a hell of a lot of cleaning (basement *TACKLE*) but that might just be more trash bags and vaccuming, so who knows.

One last thing, we have a HUGE aloe plant which I am considering harvesting entirely to give room to grow one of the new babies (still owe the other one to a friend). I think I can jar and/or freeze the aloe for later use, but I need to look into that more. Would be a good ingredient for other personal care products too, so we'll see if I can harvest it for future use!
Any last-minute projects you're trying to get done before 2011 is completely gone?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. We love Dr. Bronner soap at our house. We use the lavender soap in the shower and peppermint for handwashing. I bought a few of the foaming pump bottles and we have refilled them with a little soap and a lot of water and it works great. I keep thinking about making deoderant but haven't gotten the guts up yet. I think winter may be the perfect time to start :)

  2. LUSH has an oatmeal soap that is not heavily scented. The price - yeah, not the greatest, but I love them because I am allergic to very few of their products and my skin allergies are Legendary and Fierce.