Tuesday, March 6, 2012

w/mo2h #5: curin' bacon

Ok, so now that you have your pork belly...

What do I need for curing?
  • Salt (Kosher salt is best)
  • Flavorings (optional)
    • Maple syrup (the real stuff, for the love of nature!)
    • Brown Sugar
    • Black Pepper
    • Other, as desired
  • A non-metalic covered curing vessel
    • A rig for keeping the belly out of it's own liquid. We used a large tupperware, with two small lids underneath the belly to keep it out of the pool.
    • Or, you can just use gallon-sized baggies (cut the belly in half if necessary... two bags, two different cures?). They will retain the liquid around the belly and possibly not get you as dry of a cure, but you're used to water-logged store bacon anyway (and you could drain the bag daily!). Be sure to double-bag to prevent contamination.
  • A spot in the fridge to keep it cold (and safe!)

Ok, let's get curing!
  • You do NOT need to remove the skin of the belly.
  • On a VERY CLEAN surface, rub both sides of the belly in a coat of salt. This is about a quarter-cup total for both sides. It doesn't need to cake, just coat. See photo above.
  • Rub both sides with your flavoring, a quarter-cup total. Brown sugar? Maple Syrup? Cracked Black Pepper? Your call!
  • Place in your curing vessel.
  • Daily, for one week:
    • Drain the liquid, if necessary
    • Add more salt to coat each side (1-2 Tablespoons total)
    • Flip over

Next up, smoking and slicing!

The weather has been great lately for doing a little winter pruning (I tackled our blackberries last weekend!). Have you been doing any outdoor projects?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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