Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the most beautiful sewing you won't get to see

I made garb for a friend approaching her due date, who loves her some Renn Fairs :) Since her and her man got married in garb, and her son pretty much constantly wears some combination of dress up (pirate shirt and tu-tu? skeleton suit and cowboy hat? sure!), I thought they might appreciate a little garb for the wee girl.

I neatly layed out my latest sewing project for photography, right before wrapping them, then wrapping them before actually photographing them. DOH.

All I have to show you is one crappy photo taken of the first item: a black cotton underdress, red linen tabard, and gold/multicolored trim on the collar, hem and elastic belt. Size 6-12 month.

The second was actually my favorite, with blue-blue underdress and brown linen tabard, and blue/pale gold trim (collar, hem and belt). Again, 6-12 month.

The last piece was a simple peasant shirt, my "tester" piece. Probably more of an 18mo size, but it was finished and nice looking, so I tossed it in too :)

Lesson learned. Next time, PHOTOGRAPH. If I see my friends and have a chance to photograph the other pieces, I will!

Other lessons learned: facings are your friend, trim isn't so bad to work with, sewing kids clothes is SO much easier with growth/sizing charts, I have far TOO many pieces of fabric that are too small for baby garb and yet I keep them for something anyway.

Other sewing projects on my list: tunic & pants (size 4T, for big brother to above), fancy yoga mat bag, work dress shirt (based on a favorite that got stained beyond wearable), skirt (from this awesome fabric I found!), a mound of mending, and countless more "garb" projects for myself.

Got any fun crafty things taking over your spare room too?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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  1. Someday, when I get back into sewing, I would love to make this pattern, but without the back belt. Or something similar.