Tuesday, May 1, 2012

first CSA of the year (don't be jealous!)

Saturday night we got an email... our first CSA pickup would be ready for Tuesday May 1st! WHHHAAAAT? So sooooon?!?! Yay!!

As I mentioned before, we have opted to change over to Adi Farms this year, which is 30 mins from home (or a 90min bike ride - one way). A little out of the way for us, but we're hoping that good produce and convenient hours are worth the trip. If you check out their website, their list of veggies is asian-green heavy, and we've been making the effort to find more recipes using greens lately (like the minestrone soup, our frequent frittatas, and even saag).

Thankfully, our usual Tuesday night plan was cancelled, so that we could both go to the pick-up. Usually, Able-Bodied Boy would be responsible for doing the pick-up after work and before our usual guests, with me as back up as necessary. The pick-up hours are 4p to 8p, which is very convenient to our schedules.

We pulled up to the farm and.... the gate was closed... ?

Luckily, another woman pulled in behind us, parked and walked us through the gate to show us how it's done. Yay! Looks like they have reusable bags that you pick-up and drop-off each week, and a small sheet to write your name to indicate you've picked up. They also have a list of what's in the bag, which I failed to memorize, photograph, or show Able-Bodied Boy. So there was a bit of chaos when we couldn't figure out one of the items, but thanks to google we figured it out :)

So what was in the bag you ask?

5 lbs Oriental Spinach (that's 8 heads) 
6 lbs Pak Choi (that's 10 heads)
1 bag lettuce/spring greens
1 bunch kale

1 bag Mizuna

When I said "don't be jealous", I meant it. This is a LOT of produce for us to figure out. Especially since we have out-of-town guests this week. But they might be recruited to help cook it up :)

The plan? Tentatively, we'll use the Oriental Spinach and the stems of some of the Pak Choi to make soup. The Pak Choi leaves will be blanched and frozen. The mizuna and greens will make a lovely salad. The kale... we'll figure that out later!

When does your CSA start this year? Or if you haven't joined one, why not or are you growing your own goodies this year?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. What is the difference between Pak Choi and Bok Choi?

    1. They are basically the same. From what I've read, Pak Choi is just smaller and has some different growing characteristics. Look and taste seems to be the same though.

  2. I debated joining a CSA but I love being outside too much to pass up an opportunity to grow my own veggies. I am wanting to try some different techniques for my garden this year to hopefully get better results. Cross your fingers for me!

    1. Absolutely. What new technique are you using?

      I'm still working on the courage to do the work for one of our own. Gotta jump some personal hurdles and work on some coordination with the Boy. Maybe next year.... :)

  3. I started a few plants beforehand and I was wanting to lay down some landscaping stuff to prevent the weeds from coming up. I may still do that but my garden is huge so I'm not sure if that's within the budget this year..looks like I'll be outside doing heavy labor again :p