Monday, October 3, 2011

welcome back!

Ok, I admit it. The oppressive heat and summer chaos got to me. I dropped the ball for a couple of months, but let's get back in the swing of it, shall we?

Things I really want to tell you about in future posts:
  • We finally got a new mattress! After a dramatic summer of me sleeping alone - first on another (better) bed, then in the hole of our bed while Able-Bodied Boy was away - we finally had an opportunity to seek and ultimately buy a new one. Stayed tuned for what we decided!
  •  The chickens are coming along nicely, but we've certainly learned a few things and had a couple of dramatic events lately (HAWK!). We'll be adopting a couple more in the coming months, and their integration should prove to be quite eventful :)
  • I have made countless frittatas this summer, with all of the eggs (now that Ginger is no longer broody). We've also had some great success with the last of the lamb in the freezer, and put in our order for another half from the local farm as soon as the form arrived a few weeks ago. I haven't taken many photos of the latest meals, but I do have some lessons learned in the kitchen and amazing things to share!
  • The CSA has been... well... interesting. While we have all enjoyed all of the produce, some aspects have been unexpected and has called into question whether or not we proceed again with this farm next year.
  • Weight loss and exercise? Ummm yeah about that. I'm trying. And doing ok. But not on-my-way-to-losing-30-pounds ok. Just holding-steady ok.
  • I am committed to cycling in the Savage Century (a very hilly ride) on October 15th for at least 40 miles, which is the distance I have attained so far in our flat countryside. But Able-Bodied Boy gifted me a brand new light-n-fancy bike, so 60 miles might not be out of the question... we shall see...
  • I'm currently in a Project Management Certificate course at a local university. That's taking up 6-8 hours of my week until my birthday in December, but I'm really loving being out and about in the world, learning new things.
  • I've faced the change of two promotions this year, and am loving this latest position. No regrets! It's always great to have such a wonderful transition in life, eh?
I'm sure there is more to tell, and I will attempt at least one post per week going forward.

Where have you been? What have you been up to? What have I missed!?!?!?!!

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. Glad you're back! I had been wondering what happened to you.

  2. I missed your posts! Glad to see you resumed!