Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 cycling goal(ish)

Ok, I will admit I have not even started to calculate how many miles I did last year. (But I will before this post is done, cuz now I'm really curious).

But I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, I could cycle 1000 miles this year.

So let's say I get back on the bike for my morning rides of 10 miles. Let's say I start in April and go through October (same months I rode last year), averaging 3 morning rides each week. 3 rides times 30 weeks times 10 miles equals 900 miles. Ok, fabulous! Let's go!

But let's be honest. There are hot days and cold days and sick days and rainy days. So maybe I really only get 600 miles in on morning rides. 400 miles to go.
Well, we've got Bike to the Bay, which I'm DETERMINED to do this year for the 75 miles (will you support my fundraising efforts in August and September??). Maybe even 100. So that's 300-325 to go.

I was breezing through 30-mile rides by the fall, so let's say I can pick those back up without a long build-up period. 325 miles would only take 10 rides.

But we all know I'll push it and try to do some solo and group riding in the 40-50 mile range. One of those each month, for even just 6 months... that more than covers my goal.

And we're heading to a Bike Swap event with Able-Bodied Brother next week, where I hope to find some cheap cold-weather cycling gear. Then I can start earlier in the spring (heck, maybe even this winter, as mild as the weather has been) and ride late into the fall!

So, in looking at last year's log (because I wasn't smart enough to write the starting/finishing mileage from my cycle computer), I think I managed to get in nearly 700 miles last year. Not bad! Let's see if I can beat that and then some in 2012!

Any fun goals for yourself this year?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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