Thursday, February 9, 2012

when teenagers get all grown up...

Well, the day had to come... *snifflesniffle*

First thing this morning I found the medium-sized egg (left in photo). Which was a little wierd. Same color as Mac's usual eggs, but not her usual extra-large size. Since I didn't check on the chickens last night, the egg was laid sometime between 9a Wednesday and 7a Thursday.

This evening, I found the tiny pullet egg (Babs? Bunty?) and the extra-large egg (probably Mac?). (Pullet is the name for the "teenage" stage of a chicken's life, when they stop being chicks and start laying eggs. Their first eggs are usually tiny, as you can see above.)

So the question is, who laid the egg this morning? Ginger's eggs were traditionally darker, and she isn't the most prolific layer (ie, she hasn't laid in months) but they are usually similar in size to Mac's. If that afternoon biggie was Mac, it's doubtful the morning medium egg was hers as she has been laying more like every second or third day, and not two days in a row.

So I'm confused. Maybe Able-Bodied Boy - currently away on business - can provide an explanation?

But either way, we have at least ONE pullet egg. Which means one of the little ones is getting all grown up :)

And, there will be a lot more eggs to come this year, yay!

Has this turn into a chicken blog, or what?!? :-D

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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  1. Congratulations. The medium sized egg looks like one that an older chicken has laid, so it might be that the two older ones are back in production. It is about time for them both to be laying again.