Friday, June 1, 2012

legends of the fall

A legendary fail.

You may recall that back on New Years Eve, the Great Appendix Escape occurred. While I wasn't out of commission for too long, I did have to take it easy on my body for a month or more.

A month or more. Of not working out. Of getting out of the routine.

I went eased back with Gentle Yoga classes for a while, then graduated back into my regular Yoga Renew.

I started cycling in February, with a goal of cycling 1000 miles this year.
But really, it was nothing like my 4-5x weekly workouts. A mix of early-morning Dance Dance Revolution and Wednesday night Yoga and cycling evenings or weekends or mornings or whenever the weather allowed. My yoga multi-class card ran out before our vacation in Mid-April, and I haven't bought a new one yet. When Able-Bodied Boy is out of town, yoga is more difficult to get to. My work schedule changed and I have less time in the mornings to workout.

The only bright spot is that I have started jogging again, with Bella. It's a quick workout in the morning, and Bella could sure use the exercise too. I am up to about 1.5 miles, without walking breaks, and hope to get that up to 3.5 miles by the end of the year. But I can't get too serious about it, due to a minor case of pigment dispersion syndrome. But I'm going to do as much as I feel is reasonable this year and check back with the eye doctor to see if things are looking any worse.

Able-Bodied Boy's schedule changes soon, and he'll be up quite early in the mornings. I'm hoping I can start rolling out of bed when he does (5a!), to beat the summer heat and get out on the road (foot or pedal) before work. (But 5a? Really? Should I be more realistic about this?)

I have a lot of plans for cycling events this year. The Get Ready Metric tomorrow, I hope; The DoubleCross; the Shorefire Century; the Jersey Devil Century; Bike to the Bay; and the Savage Century. But I have not really been training all that hard and still only have a hundred or so miles on my bike for the year. Even all these put together (doing anywhere from 30-75 miles per ride, at a major stretch of my abilities, based on their offerings) is only 400 miles.

How do you get your butt in gear when you're a girl with very little willpower, who'd rather come home to a gin & tonic and a relaxing evening than change into workout clothes? Whose self-bribing is undermined as often as possible?

(And don't even asked if I've hopped on the scale in the last six months... I'm sure it's not a pretty number and I'm too scared to look.)
Any suggestions?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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  1. You get your butt in gear by asking yourself what is important, what matters the most. By asking yourself how change will happen if you don't make the first step. I know because I was And am that girl.

    Think about how great you will feel fresh from your workout, the delectable feel of worked muscles, and the wondrous delight in your body becoming holistically healthier. From the energy benefits to the mood elevating endorphins released, and everything in between I truly believe that you will find the willpower to toss on the workout clothes :)

    I also find that talking and working with friends helps. The greater your support base, the better it goes because you're pushing each other. If you want, we can form a little "Work out club"; come up with some cool name for it.

    Lace up your running shoes, and let your body take you to places you didn't think you could go - the gin and tonic will be there to greet you upon your return ;) I'll be right there with you, hun.