Friday, March 25, 2011

more news briefs: added reader convenience and the weigh in

Me again, with brief bullet points, again...

If you turn your attention to the right-hand column there ------------->
you'll see "Emailable" with a text box and Submit button. Enter your email address and receive a notification of new posts! Infinitely more convenient that catching my FB/GTalk links, if that's how you've been keeping up. I'll be moving the box down below after a few weeks, so sign up now before you forget! Blogger's summary:
The Follow by Email gadget provides blog authors a simple way for their readers to subscribe to the latest hot-off-the-press updates, which are delivered directly to the reader’s inbox. When new blog content is published, all subscribed readers will receive a daily email notification of the new published posts, which includes a copy of the new content as well as links back to the actual posts.

Also, I did my weigh-in this morning and alannariva was right... I shouldn't have been such a Debbie downer.  I have lost 2 pounds since the last weigh-in!!! Go me!

Posts of substance will be coming soon, I promise :)

Did you sign up for email notifications yet?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl

ps. how about now?


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  1. This is one time when I'm really glad to be able to say "I told you so!!" :)

    Keep it up, girl! :)