Monday, May 16, 2011

csa anticipation!!!

On Saturday, Able-Bodied Boy and I attended the orientation picnic for our new CSA. What a wonderful place :) They had plants for sale, extra farm purchases available (we will get 10 weeks of 1 dozen ears of organic corn!), the staff milling about to meet everyone, a farm tour/orientation, and general merriment going on. We managed to get it all done before the rain really got going, and left excited for our first pick-up in a few weeks.

The barn, a farmer, and her fussy baby.

The children's garden; there will be sand
on the black tarp and lots of edible plants!
The set-up is great. You go into the big barn, with your bags from home, and look up at the big board. Collect what you're entitled to, leave anything you don't want in the extras bin, and take what you want from what others have discarded. Then you can look at the U-Pick side of the board to find out what/how much you can take from the acre of berries, cherry tomatoes, herbs, etc.

I was really impressed with the operation, considering I had never really seen anything of that scale before, even if it was only on about 4 acres. Truly amazing what they do!

The most-impressive thing I saw was the hoop-house filled with grafted tomato plants. They grew sturdy, disease-resistant tomato plants and weaker heirloom tomatoes. Then, they painstakingly grafted the heirlooms onto the sturdy stock. Which means a better yield of heirloom tomatoes, woot!

We're sharing our full share with another couple and their toddler, not being sure that either of us could handle a full share on our own. With that, we can mix and match what we get each week, and maybe even do food preservation projects together.

Have you ever joined an CSA? What has your experience been?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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