Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is Bella. She is ours...

When she follows me around constantly, step-for-step, it's really hard to take photos other than this...

Little Miss Spoiled Brat, for the first evening, wouldn't lay on anything that wasn't a dog bed, blanket or couch.  And she sulked a lot when we scolded her for being on the couch. 

She didn't see Able-Bodied Boy go into the garden, so we got to hear her first barks as she defended me from the evil garden man. It took her a while to realize it was only Boy :) Note that she doesn't have a leash on. Unless there are horses nearby, she will stick close. However, she runs for the horses... I suspect there's some Aussie in her!

Her beautiful colors.

After months of deliberations and negotiations, research and no results, I finally stumbled upon this ad Monday on Petfinder, for a Chow-Chow/Keeshond mix (which we now suspect might also be German Shepard or Aussie too):

... is a very sweet and friendly 4 yr old dog. Her previous owners praised her as an excellent housepet and companion. (She was surrendered due to a move) She is a laid back and mellow dog and will do best in a quiet home.

She was 2 hours away from home, but only 40min away from where we were already planning to be on Friday. So Monday and Tuesday were a frantic mess of trying to pull together all the info for the adoption application, which we needed approved to even be able to meet her. Of course, Able-Bodied Boy was away on business, so I was bothering him constantly and nagging him to get information to me and to help submit the application all while he was under a lot of pressure from work.

And all the while I'm bouncy and can't sleep and falling in love with the little photo of her. And trying desperately to remind myself that she might not be "the one", that Able-Bodied Boy might not love her as much as I do, that she might have some issues the ad didn't mention that would deter us.

But no. We arrived Friday and she padded over to us as calm as can be. Within 5 min she was already enjoying our attentions. She seemed to be everything that we could have wanted. So we took her home.

Since then, she's been nearly perfect. Very well-adjusted to house life and will only need minimal training on a couple of issues. We love our Bella ;)

Any new loves in your life?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. She's beautiful I'm jealous:)

  2. Aww she's beautiful! Libby wants to know when we can meet her. Then I saw the 'does best in a quiet home' and said "oh well, we can never meet her, the younger kids are too loud!" lol

  3. She's a cutie. Congratulations!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I love her fluffy tail!