Wednesday, June 1, 2011

on not, need, want and do...

I keep thinking about all the things I'm NOT doing, NEED to be doing, WANTing to do.

I ought to focus on what I AM doing.

I tell myself about NEEDs more often than I should, but I've been catching myself. I pick something up at Target, "ooooooh I need this!" then stop myself and ask about that need. Is it real? Perceived? How long have I gone without that thing? Could I reasonably go without it? Is there something we have that I could use as an alternative? Do I really even have the money to buy it, or the justification to ask Able-Bodied Boy to purchase it for me? 90% of the time, it goes back on the shelf.

We're in the middle of a heat wave and it makes going outside a miserable experience for me. For Bella too, so I've been trying to busy myself around the house.

Able-Bodied Boy voted that my next project should be labeling cleaning supplies with their alternative replacements. So as we run out of one thing, we can make up a batch of the new stuff. I'm excited that he's on board with that concept, so that will be the next thing I tackle. Maybe the next w/mo2h series...

I have been crunching those abs regularly. I have not, however been cycling. I'll update about why not here pretty soon.

Bella will soon be part of an awesome program that helps rescue owners who are struggling with behavioral issues. It's cheaper than normal one-on-one, in-home training, but with 3 hours of personal training and a ton of phone/email support. So maybe by July we can have friends over without worrying about how she's going to react.

Able-Bodied Boy has a ton of travel and vacations this summer. Having been with his company since they invented electricity, he gets more than double the vacation time I do, so off he goes for 3 weeks of camping. I have on occasion joined and enjoyed. This year is debatable. Bella wouldn't be allowed, I'd be out in the heat, and well... it's a lot of late nights and drinking and somehow that isn't as appealing as it was before. We'll see. I usually spend his time away working on a project; this year will be the cleaning supplies and the game room downstairs. It woefully needs a clean-out; it's more of a dungeon right now and while that makes for fun ambiance it also makes for a stale smell and big spiders that creep up on us while we're down there :-P

Gotta focus on the DO. Not on all the other stuff I'm not doing or wanting to do or convinced I need to do.

Just do it?

How do you block out all the things you think you ought to be doing? How do you get yourself satisfied, living in the moment?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. Burning questions from Jill:
    How did you get that Articles I've enjoyed lately added to the side of your blog? Also, and I've been wondering this for months, what the hell does w/mo2h mean?