Thursday, June 16, 2011

the state of the body

Well, there haven't been too many posts about weight loss or working out lately, have there?


Last week I did a little scale-surfing. Didn't like what I saw, so I did it again the next morning. Even worse. Not so good for morale, let me tell you.

I'll be honest, I haven't been working out so much (as I could be). By the time the rains let up, we got the chickens and Able-Bodied Boy was out of town most of the week. So I was incorporating animal duties into the morning routine and dealing with work stresses and not wanting to leave Bella alone even more than the 10.5 hours I was leaving her as it was...

Excuses excuses. I could have been doing ab-work. I could have gone on one of my big cycling rides on Saturday or Sunday. But I didn't. Though Able-Bodied Boy dragged me out on Sunday for one of our short 10 mile rides.

And boy did I feel like an idiot. A total idiot. I'm out there cycling with him, loving every minute of it. Loving the feel of my strong legs carrying me up the long, low side of Burden Hill. Loving the breeze in my face, watching the wild turkeys haul ass into the woods. The different types of road surfaces, the horse pastures (scaring them or peaking their curiosity). But mostly loving my legs.

Why don't I do this more often?!?!

My plan is to get back into the routine next week, while Able-Bodied Boy is back in town. Then making sure I have an extra 5-10 min in the morning to take care of all our ladies and give Bella some extra love when he's out of town for the Epic Summer Leaving (3 full weeks straight!).

For those of you that comment with questions: do you check back to see if I've answered? I never do because I don't think anyone does (sometimes sending the answers privately), but I will start responding. I really wish I could reply to specific comments in a thread, and you could sign up to get notifications of those replies... Apparently there is a way to fix that by using another website to host the blogger site (or something like that) but it's far too complicated for me to start fussing with :)

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. hey the blog. Keep it up. I am also struggling to keep something close to a routine with my alleged workouts. Added weights to make it interesting. Been looking for a bike but the one I want isn't out there.
    Rock on!

  2. When I'm not being hair-brained, I check back on comments. Which is to say... usually I don't remember. ;)

    I know the feeling you describe. I get stuck in that way too and then get annoyed at myself when I slack. Pennsic is always a good example. I work my butt off on staff and it always feels so good to get out there hauling and lifting and walking and working hard (yeah... I work hard on vacation... and I love it. I'm a freak). And every year I say "I really need to get outside and be more physical." And every year I don't.
    I've been doing a little better since being unemployed. It's not "working out" per se... but it is getting out there, getting dirty and getting things done. And, though not a traditional workout, it still accomplishes the task of telling my weak little muscles "HEY... this is good for you too!"
    Hopefully next week you'll do better... I know doing so will make you FEEL better.

    KEEP IT UP! :)

  3. Regarding comments, on "home grown" blogs like yours (vs corporate or celebrity blogs), I usually tick the box beside the "email follow-up comments" item. That, of course, means I get ANY comments that follow mine, but I'm ok with that. Sometimes it can become a conversation. It would be nice to see you respond back. :)

  4. then it shall be... i will respond :)