Friday, February 18, 2011

flabby gut woes

Ugh. I'm really really not looking forward to the next scale-surf. (early March)

I don't feel any thinner. Even those first five pounds weren't noticed. My clothes don't really fit any differently, save a pair of jeans a size too small that I can just barely manage to tolerate for a day. My flabby gut still looks like a big swim tube. My only hope is that I'll be pleasantly surprised when I step on the scale, but I'm certainly not expecting it.

Jill of Lost and Not Found posted about abdominal work last week. She and I must have some sort of cosmic connection because I had just been telling myself that I probably ought to - at some point in the future but not really now cuz now is a really bad time - start doing ab work before bed. And lo-n-behold the voice in the back of my mind comes to life in her post and says NO REALLY THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!
If you're looking for a quick way to feel better about yourself, determine a routine (perhaps something as simple as two sets of 15-20 regular crunches and 2 sets of 15-20 side crunches) and stick to it consistently for a few weeks.  Do it at least three times a week, but you can do more if you want. You'll feel the difference in no time!

Wait. Why am I 'ugh'ing? I love ab pain! I stopped going to the pilates class because I felt the style wasn't giving me enough core work and next-day aches. I crave the ab pain! Bring it on!

So let's just admit what's going on here. I'm a lazy unmotivated bastard. Unless I have to do it, or have some sort of outside influence, I have a great span of excuses that keep me from doing anything above and beyond. My bedtime routine is perfect. I crawl into bed, take my sleeping pills, lay out my morning vitamins, do one last check of facebook, chat with Able-Bodied Boy about the day and upcoming plans, and turn on my sound machine. Why would I want to add ab work to a perfectly lazy evening??

And no, I still haven't gotten to go through all the wonderful workout stuff that Beth, Girl Explorer lent me. Me = lazy. I need help. Maybe I can beg Able-Bodied Boy to be my gut buddy at night?

If I had a web cam, you'd see that my face is skeptical and snarly right now. Not that I doubt he'd do it, but that it would mean I'd actually have to do it. Interrupt my lazy evenings for ab work. Ugh.

So here's the choice. The flabby gut 'ugh' or the lazy girl 'ugh'? Which is worse?

Probably the flabby gut. I just can't win :) I guess I'll try to get started on that sometime soon...

How do you work up to doing something you know is good for you but really don't want to make the effort to do?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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  1. Maybe you need to come up with some kind of reward (or penalty) for doing the ab routine you come up with for a set amount of days/times?