Thursday, February 10, 2011

me wednesdays

It has morphed over the last year, this night o' mine. A way to get out of the house. An attempt to find a central place to meet up for girl's night. A place to hang out while waiting for yoga. A night that Able-Bodied Boy can do his thing and I can go do mine. A night for me. A Monday. A Thursday. A Tuesday. A Wednesday.
Decidedly decaffinated.

I head straight for the coffee shop after work. It forms one point of a triangle separating work and home, which is neither great nor terrible. And considering the vast Bermuda Triangle of nothing within... I'd almost consider it a reasonable distance from home.

I order tea. Green or Rooibos or chamomile. I do not order coffee, or black tea. I did, accidentally, a couple of times, before they re-did their tea board in color codes. Drew was wrong about a tea once; it is still our favorite, but only Able-Bodied Boy is allowed to drink it. I just bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce...

Yes, I took a bite of the pears before
taking the photo. nom nom.
It's warm and inviting there. A big purple couch, a half dozen cozy arm chairs, plenty of tabled seating. The walls are rich, they hand-write all the menus and drink offerings in chalk on the wall, the display is full of less-than-humble baked goods and larger-than-life quiches and richer-than-god mac-n-cheese. It is paradise.
I sit. I read. They bring me my drink and food. Oh the food. It's a light cafe menu of paninis and salads and wraps, with regular soup specials and special specials (Drew has been tempting me to try the eggplant or veggie lasagnas as they come available). But I'm normally just looking for something light, so as not to make yoga uncomfortable, so I order their signature salad (greens, candied walnuts, mandarin oranges, pears, cheese, carrots) with a stealing of the sesame soy dressing they use on the asian wrap. ohmygod.

I eat. I drink my tea after it cools down. I read. I use their free wi-fi. 90 minutes fly by. Then I go to yoga.


FitnessYoga Studio, from their Facebook page
Oh peaceful place. The instructors are very personable, extending warm welcomes and assistance to new folks, while taking the time to get to know the regulars. I took my first class with Jackie, but didn't have any other classes with her until a one-on-one thai yoga bodywork session (ohmygod) a year later, during which she recalled nearly everything I had told her about my previous experience and recalled how I had fared in that first class. That's the sort of personal involvement they bring to their clients.

My regular Wednesday night class is now being taught by Karen, and my favorite part of the night with her (besides the awesome moves she gets us through) is Fiona Apple's "Across the Universe". I get so caught up in the velvety tunes that I nearly always forget to breathe, listen, or move with the rest of the class. But that's ok. It's a lovely moment to have, nonetheless. I <3 Karen's play list, I just have to remember not to sing along during class.

I used to have company for one part or another of my Wednesday's, but that's been hit or miss lately. Which is ok. It's nice to have a night set aside for nothing. Once in a while, I'll skip it for very pressing matters at home, but for the most part, I plan my week around having a Wednesday night just for me. The offer stands for anyone who wishes to join me!

Do you have a time or a place of your own to relax? Where/when? What does it do for you?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl

ps. no establishment gave me anything in return for my love of them.


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