Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I love wintertime. I miss wintertime. There is so much less go-go-go that makes my head spin and my arms ache from all the ball juggling.

In no particular order...

Ball #1: eating habits
Ball #2: workout habits
Ball #3: cycling training
Ball #4: blogging
Ball #5: chicken anticipation
Ball #6: dog anticipation
Ball #7: CSA anticipation
Ball #8: misc doctor's appointments
Ball #9: dishes (I feel guilty if Able-Bodied Boy does mine)
Ball #10: crap I don't have time to run to the next state to buy
Ball #11: family time
Ball #12: personal time
Ball #13: Able-Bodied Boy time
Ball #14: family reunion anticipation
Ball #15: finding a new dentist
Ball #16: keeping FSA/healthcare funds straight
Ball #17: laundry
Ball #18: those herb seeds I keep meaning to plant
Ball #19: that basket that still needs a coat of something protective
Ball #20: don't forget to water all those plants you recently potted!!
Ball #21: several seasons behind in Doctor Who and Torchwood
Ball #22: Boy's attempt to get me to watch every original Star Trek episode
Ball #23: the other netflix sitting there
Ball #24: reading
Ball #25: trimming bushes
Ball #26: raking up the grass for the garden
Ball #27: sanity
you get the point.

To be honest, I was never very good at juggling. 3 balls for a couple of rounds and then they went plop plop plop on the ground...
You may have heard those sounds a bunch in the last couple weeks as #1 and #2 went tumbling.

But hell, I know I'm not superwoman. I know we can dream big and not quite make it and not feel like a failure. I know that I will pick up what's dropped as soon as I can. Priorities will change. Balances will adjust themselves. Life will move on.

Yes ball, I see you lying there. I'll get to you soon...

I guess it'd be rhetorical to ask if anyone else agreed that there is just never enough time?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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