Monday, April 4, 2011

omg it's springtime go go go!

I don't know about you, but the weather has created a sudden frenzy of activity. From runs to the hardware store for plants and pots and garden supplies and home repair items to outdoor activities like campfires and impromptu dinners on the deck and cycling around...

I'm exhausted. And motivated. And beginning the all-important LISTS. To-do lists and to-buy lists and to-remember lists. Reminders about reminders and lists about lists. And I don't even do half the stuff I would want to do were I home more often and/or more of a green thumb :)

This weekend, I took the scissors outside and cut the grass. Ok, not really. I cut the chives, which grow way faster than grass as spring begins. I cut a half-basket full, sorted and snipped them, then let them go overnight in the dehydrator. (Overnight was probably too long, but I didn't get them on until late in the evening.) Last year, I spread them on metal sheets and put them in the freezer to freeze-dry. That worked quite well, but took a while. My favorite thing to make with them is sour cream and chive hummus. *DROOL* I'll post a recipe later!

I also got four pots for the spider plants and the *mumblemumblemumble* plant that is dying in the bathroom. I'll repot those (tonight?!?!), and find happy places for them around the living areas of the house. This morning (in my franticly motivated frenzy of cramming every second with productivity) I also discovered why exactly my low-light tropical plant died last year. Apparently the larger pot it came in was filled with smaller plastic pots with the individual plant seedlings; while they were full of slits for root growth, they weren't big enough. Poor plant suffocated to near-death, at which point I gave up and tried to let it thirst to death, while Able-Bodied Boy took pity and kept giving it water until I finally left it outside in the cold. Now I know... check the damn pots for stupid plastic crap.
The big announcement is coming very soon, I promise. No later than this weekend :)

In the meantime, my posts may be a bit more sparse than they were in the winter!

Has spring sprung for you too?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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  1. I hear that. Between trying to rehab the backyard, train for triathlon, and see my family, it just isn't possible to devote sufficient time to all of them.