Thursday, January 19, 2012

chicken soap opera, part 2

General Chicken Hospital...

Last we saw them, Bünter had violated, harrassed, and cornered a bloody Ginger in the run as Able-Bodied boy ran to the rescue...
After they were separated, Ginger limped along the back of the house - not letting me get close - and we pondered how to separate them permenantly. Able-Bodied Boy retrieved the dog crate and some stale bread while I kept Bünter from stalking Ginger.

In the meantime, Babs and Mac had no problem sticking by Bünter's side and, as we tried to tempt him into the crate with bread, he left them to retrieve any scraps they could get. Then, as they turned around to enjoy their treat, he'd steal them. The group got bored of the scraps without Bünter ever even getting close to the crate.

So, we corralled him across the yard and managed to trap him in the coop. I locked him in while Able-Bodied Boy went back across the yard for the crate. A few minutes later, a very upset Bünter was sitting in the crate.

I called Barnhenge Mama, our wonderful chicken giftress, for advice. Should we do something for Ginger? Will Bünter get over this or is he bound for a stew pot? She graciously offered to take him back, and advised to treat Ginger's wounds as we would our own: clean and disinfect.

We found Ginger wedged under our front bushes, and I managed to grab her - which she was really not happy with. Blood was thick around her comb, and dripping down her beak. I cradled her, with a wimpering cluck-cluck, and sat down on the porch. Able-Bodied Boy brought warm water, latex gloves, paper towels, and antibiotic cream, and Ginger settled in for 15 minutes of care.

Ginger's wounds, as seen the next day:

Afterwards, she was happy to settle back into the hen house, and Mac and Babs came in to check on her.

We arranged with Barnhenge Mama to bring Bünter back to the farm for lessons in manners from the Major (their rooster) and their large flock of hens, as well as selecting another Auracana (a female, no really). Barnhenge Mama really is a saint :)

Next time: Will Bunter learn anything from the Major and his girls? Will a Bunty2 come home with us?
Don't you wish you had chickens?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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