Wednesday, January 18, 2012

chicken tv turns into daytime soaps

As the Chicken World Turns...

So, as I may have mentioned, our big and beautiful Bunty had a sex-change. Or, possibly, someone at the hatchery didn't quite identify the correct parts when s/he was a chick.

In any case, a couple of weeks ago Able-Bodied Boy noticed some rather loud crowing and discovered Bunty was our cock-a-doodle-doo-er. He sent a text and I immediately googled Auracana roosters. Yup. Bunty is not a Bunty. Bunty is a Bünter. Cock-a-doodle-doo-ing up a storm from the front porch.

Asexual Bunty:

Decidedly Male (and camera-shy) Bünter:

We trekked in the cold to the neighbor's houses, apologizing and asking if it was a problem. They were gracious and "we live in the country, it's expected..." so we started liking the idea of having a rooster around to keep an eye to the sky for hawk attacks.

There was also a concern about aggression, so we figured we'd keep an eye on him...

Fast-forward a week to this past weekend. Early in the afternoon, I started hearing some squawking cries from the front bushes. It didn't sound like a hawk attack, but I went out to investigate anyway. Lo and behold, Bünter is trying to do his manly duty with Ginger, and she was NOT having it. Only, she didn't really know how to fight back, so he kept at it.

Apparently, roosters aim for the red on the hen's head when approaching her to mate, then grab the comb or neck to hold onto while mounting. Sadly, it seems he was a little too aggressive...

So we separated them. Ginger's head looked a little mangled and slightly bloodied on her comb, as well as being shaken up in general. So I grabbed her (normally, very difficult to do, but she was very disoriented), cradled her, and took her to the hen house. I locked her in for safety and comfort and we figured we'd keep checking on her.

After a couple of hours, she still didn't seem to want to come out, but we left the doors open so she could get food and water if necessary. Bünter was around on the other side of our house, so we hoped he wouldn't notice and would leave her alone.

From our bedroom upstairs, we watched as she tentatively came out of the house and coop, and entered the run where her friend Mac was waiting. And we watched as Bünter came around from the front of the house and headed to the run. Ginger looked very scared, eyeing him the whole time. He walked around the run, eventually found the entrance, and headed straight for her. She fled, closely chased by Bünter , and the two ran laps around the run and side yard. Able-Bodied Boy ran downstairs, shouting for me to tell him which of our doors to use to get to them quickest. Ginger ran back into the run, trapping herself, and was repeatedly attacked again. Able-Bodied Boy chased Bünter off as I ran down myself.

Next episode: Will Ginger survive the attack? Will Able-Bodied Boy grab an axe to dispatch Bünter? Or will Bünter have a second chance to learn how to treat the ladies right?

Does chicken TV interest you? Have you considered the joys of poultry passions? Would you enjoy the eggy delights?

Much love,
Able-Bodied Girl


  1. We want video of the boy chasing the chickens. Really how can you tease us like that.

  2. sadly, in the moment, that was the last thing on our minds. plus, you would cry if you heard and saw Ginger's plaintive crying clucks as Bunter went after her :(