Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekend excitement

What a weekend (and it's not over yet)! No time - or photos - to post about it all just yet, but here's a taste....

We spent Saturday chasing a sex-crazed rooster (yeah, Bunty is decidedly NOT a hen) off of our poor dear Ginger, who was getting injured.

I made a hearty eastern-european meal of Hungarian Chicken Paprikash over homemade German spaetzle noodles, shared with dear friends.

I ate delicious, fudgy brownies. Which - if you know my sensitivity to caffeine in any form - made for a very squishy-brained Able-Bodied Girl.

We shipped the rooster off to boot-in-the-ass camp at Barnhenge Mama's farm, where he will learn manners and respect of the ladies. We also picked up Bunty2 and integrated her into the mini-flock.

Tomorrow, I am off of work. And I've decided to have a tech-lite day. No internet. No email. No tablet. No TV. No DVD or Netflix streaming. Cell/text only for immediate matters. No computer. Until 9p. Able-Bodied Boy is willing to join, although pressing work matters may force email/computer use. Crafting, cleaning, and board games will abound!

 So until then, have a wonderful Monday!

Anything exciting in your world this weekend?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. Is it coincidental that you are chasing a sex starved PITA rooster one moment and then the very next paragraph states you are making chicken for dinner? Did you kill and pluck him?

  2. completely coincidental. the chicken had a special fate all his own...