Sunday, January 2, 2011

welcome to the Able-Bodied world

~ part Motivational
~ part Reflection/Growing/Learning
~ part Foodie sharing
~ part Green/Sustainable living
~ part, Me, here in my 30th year* trying to lose 30lbs without upending my world with crazy diets or unsustainable exercise routines.  A girl's gotta life, ya know?  And my health has to become integrated into it, not just a chapter.

It's all about priorities, little choices, moments of clarity, being grateful for family/friends, and nurturing our souls and and the souls of those around us.  And knowing that we are ABLE to do anything we put our hearts and minds and hands to.

And I promise it won't always be this deep :)

*i am 30.  i remain 30 for most of 2011.  technically, that makes this my 31st year.  but everyone celebrated the millenium at NYE 1999/2000, so i'm figuring that you won't hold this against me :)

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