Saturday, January 15, 2011

unintended resolutions

Did you find yourself doing anything new as the year started?  Things you hadn't even set your mind to?

I did.

I am signing my name differently.  What used to be doctor-like chicken scratch barely resembling even my initials is now moving towards the old script version, more clearly looking like the letters of my name.

Don't ask me how or why.  I know I got a lot of comments in 2010 about my signature, which I use on a daily basis for member correspondence.  And more than once it was pointed out - though not directed at me, per se - that a neat signature was harder to forge than a scribbled one.

Monday, January 3rd, the first business day of the year, I typed out a letter to a member, printed it, and signed my name much slower and neater than I had in the last 5-10 years.  I stopped and stared, amused at my unintended change in behavior, and moved on.  I've been doing it ever since.  *shrug*

In other behavioral news, you may have noted that I scale-surfed the other day, even though an earlier post mentioned that I only intended to get on every other week or so.  Evil, evil scale.  I was in a bad mood that morning.  Grumpy, mostly.  It called to me.  You won't regret this, in that sappy you'll-really-regret-this sort of way.  Don't you want to see how amazing you are :), even though I had over-eaten Tuesday night and hadn't really followed the plan on Sunday.  I doubted that sooooooothing voice.  Hypnotised, I moved closer as the other half of my brain screamed at me.  No, no, no, bad idea!  At best, you've lost a pound.  At worst, you've gained weight.  Or maybe no change at all!  Stop!!!  I got on, and as it flashed 000 in thought, I promised myself I wouldn't do it again for at least two weeks, no matter what.

What resolutions have you been holding to, intended or unintended?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl



  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the scale. In fact, if I had read this entry before I posted my thing about weighing yesterday, I would have straight ripped you off on that last paragraph. You said it much better than I did.

  2. oh now! sorry to hijack your post topic! i only use google reader every other day or so, so i'm not always up to speed. glad you liked tho :)