Thursday, January 20, 2011

the first hurdle

Able-Bodied Boyfriend was gone for part of the week. One day of which was a holiday. His first travel of the year.

Which means what I really wanted to do was lounge around in pajamas, catch up on TV shows, eat massive amounts of indulgent foods (ie, goat cheese!) and whatever leftovers I could find, go out to eat with friends, sleep in late, stay up late, neglect dishes and the mailbox and trash pickups and my health, and generally live like a bachelor for a few days. Weeee!

Oh wait. I'm trying to get in the habit of eating better and such. Crap. My main cheerleader (strike that... bad image) motivator and stabilizing factor is out of town. What to do? Especially with an entirely free day included?!!?

I went shopping, full day spree of secret gifts for family and friends teeheeeheeeheeeee. But I did two things before I left that were game-changers. One, I packed my ice skates. Two, I packed my snacks and cold lunch. Sooo, I managed to be gone from the house from 10a (yeah, I still slept in...) until 4:30p, didn't eat a single thing out, met up with friends for iceskating (aka, real exercise!), and only ate the leftovers in reasonable portions.

I did, however, have goat cheese. Once. That beautiful goat cheese. Just one ounce. With one serving of triscuits. It was sooooooooo good.

happy/wierd goat cheese face from ireland; courtesy Neil, and the undead.

That reminds me of something Michael Pollan said in Food Rules: that food is all about the first bite, that no bite after that is as good, and that this should encourage us to have smaller portions and more quality interactions with our food. That book has sorta been central for me lately, in terms of qualifying ideas I already had on relationships with our food. More on that later...

What's your favorite snow day/day off/suddenly-finding-yourself-alone thing to do?

Much Love,
Able-Bodied Girl


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